Here’s my story on why this process has been so impactful in my own life…

Have you ever made a resolution that didn’t stick? Let’s be honest, we all have!

Janine here, aka Coach J9! I am so dynamic in every way…I’ll just list a few: Mother of dragons (twin 3 yr olds to be exact), in the flow, abundant and grateful for everything that comes to me, the creator of my reality, in control of me, compassionate, bravely strong, so loving and vulnerable.

I’ve been a Forrest Yoga healer and teacher for almost a decade now and I love the journey with my students of healing and teaching people to heal themselves. I create magical Spirit Necklaces that also assist their owner in healing and feeling abundant. I’ve been a coach 6 months now and it ALL keeps getting better and more abundant with every breath.

Born and raised in Philly (queue motown Philly back again, put a little east coast sway)  I love to travel the world and lead retreats and teach workshops and classes when I’m not at home base in Los Angeles.

Areas of Expertise: making spring rolls, hands-on adjustments, empathy, listening, and holding space for your healing.

Super Power: sees your authentic spirit…your shadows as well as your light and sparkle. Sees whats underneath the surface and is able to speak into your loops and create effective tools for you to use for your journey.

Gifts: strong yet compassionate coach who enables others to source their own healing through the mind, body, and authentic spirit.

Secret Weapon: Dragons–softness of understanding and compassion, with fierceness of owning strengths and power.

At the beginning of 2017 I was in a state of overwhelm for sure. To be as transparent as possible I’ll give you all the things I felt… Overwhelm as a mother of TWO, the constant strive for feeling balance in work and personal life, a need for perfection that was not realistic. My marriage felt like it was crumbling. My In-Laws, and the only family I have here on the west coast, were not offering the support or love that I needed, and I really felt quite alone raising my amazing two boys. I joined the challenge to meet my need of clarity and community.

Whoa, did I get way more than I could have ever expected! I started down the path of coaching because it felt so in alignment with my big vision. It has catapulted not only my business, but I feel more clear and aligned with my wisest-self and bigger life purpose more than ever. I have to say, it’s been a really fabulous feeling!

I want that for you too!

Join our online community of people who want to change their lives for the better. Try a single session and see what a difference it can make in your life. I appreciate all of you. I really do and I welcome the opportunity for us all to evolve together.

Frida Future

Janine is such an insightful coach. I feel so warmly seen and heard by her. She gets my vision and speaks right into the heart of who I know I AM: the super being I can forget about sometimes. Through her coaching I came to appreciate my shadow side in a new way (it’s just trying to conserve my energy!) and I grew in my commitment to simply be here now. I was grateful for our vision call and look forward to the next time I have the opportunity work with her. Thanks so much Janine!

I am a mentor and coach for people that are looking to resolve their issues, collectively change their mindset, and raise their vibration on the daily.

I see you ready to live your life with passion, confidence, & vitality! This program is for you if any of this resonates > >

The Spirited Elephant Program

  • You are ready to go from depleted & dull to vibrant & expressive
  • You are ready to go from people pleaser to confident truth speaker
  • You are ready to increase your income and get out of scarcity mode
  • You are ready to let the past be the past and kick-start a driven, confident, new path
  • You may be feeling down, disconnected, drifting
  • You have had a baby & want to reclaim your relationship with your body! You feel super proud of your body for creating life but want to reconnect to your body and life again.
  • You tend to be shy or introverted & want more confidence in social settings & to fully embody your femininity out in the real world! You are ready to feel freedom & ease when you walk into any room
  • You want to be able to make decisions for you & your family with ease & are tired of second guessing yourself & your intuition

This is the sacred space for you!

​The most magical shifts happen when you work both in energetic realms as well as your physical reality. Because what is spirituality if you can’t integrate it with your very real life, body, & circumstances? You will have the chance to go within & work with the limiting beliefs that are keeping you feeling stuck & use your powerful, energy to bust through these limiting beliefs, habitual patterns; taking your life to new heights!

What Do You Get?

  • Weekly Live Video Workshop to explore the topics of your (don’t worry, there is a recording if you can’t make it LIVE) ** Tentatively held on Tuesdays at 1:30pm PT
  • Meditations for mental blocks
  • Exploration of your vision & the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck & run down so that you live up to your full potential & start living your life on FIRE
  • How to design the life you want to live using the powers of manifestation so that you feel fully empowered making decisions, setting powerful intention, & creating MASSIVE SHIFTS in your relationships, careers, & absolutely SLAYING YOUR DREAMS
  • Access to a private Facebook group for deeper support & community
  • You have unlimited access to all of this information which never expires!! ​The value of this program is over $1,000!

I’m Ready To Get Started!

1x1 Coaching

Get the plan you need to generate an abundant and well designed life plan

Spirited Elephant Program

  • Upgrade your life + business in just 1 hour a week!
  • Join a dynamic and engaging community of people who value their TIME above all else.
  • 2 monthly LIVE calls with Janine plus action plans and community support
  • Work less, make more and live better right now

Self Study Program

  • Á la carte options will help you design and refine essential areas of your life and business — like wealth, clients, mindset and schedule — so that you can create success on your terms starting right now
  • All at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home!